Management Advisory that Help Manage Your Business 

  • Service: we help you define all the services of the Hospital.whether you are single speciality or multi-raspeciality  service provider. Each and every service will be defined with clear understanding of the offering, right from Registration to Discharge of the Hospital.
  • Pricing:One of the major factor that will attract patients to the Hospital is correct pricing. Transparent pricing develops faith in the minds of the patients, corporate, third party administrator , public sector companies etc. It gives enough confidence to the patient, when we offer value for money with fair and reasonable pricing.
  • People-Hospital industry is a people driven, it requires key skill personnel like Consultant, Nurses, Technician etc. We help you get the best of the best talent for each hospital function. We will also help you define each and every employee Job description and also help you implement Performance management system. We will also help you promote of competent doctors in the society and acknowledge them within the system.
  • Promotion: with proper branding exercise, we will help you promote the cause - what hospital stand for like Mother & Child care, Cardiac care, Cancer care etc. Out reach activities to promote the  presence in residential welfare association & corporate sales. Promotion activity with various offers increase patients foot fall.
  • Hospital Location:  Place where the Hospital is located plays a very significant role in attracting footfall to the Hospital. We help you plan you communicate the location of the Hospital by placing External Signage, Hoardings and path pointers to the Hospital at key positions. Will help you ideate various innovative ways to drive foot fall.
  • Property Look & feel: Layout of the Hospital is very very much important for the patient comfort and convenience. space utilization is very important for the day to day function of the work. Well planned hospital create a sense of belongingness  for the employees and more importantly for the feel good factor of the patient.
  • ​Process: We help you define the each and every process in detail and documenting as Standard Operating Procedure. We will also help you create all clinical & non clinical workflows and develop required forms & formats.​
  • Productivity: We help you increase the revenue of the Hospital by increasing the Out patients flow, In patient services - admission, Operation Theatre turn arounds. Manage discharge by concentrating on Average length of stay, Increase pathology, Imaging & consumables turnaround and cost containment.

We help you define your Hospital Service Mix.