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Ms. Naidu

Consultant-Human Resource & Training (Capacity Building)

She manages the Human Resource recruitment of the client Hospital & training. She is also responsible for the certification course & manages Events of HCS.

Mr. Vikas 

Consultant purchase (Bachelor in pharmacy)

He manages Store operation of HCS, He is responsible for all sales and purchase of the store and looks after the sales revenue growth of the HCS Medical.

Ms. Acharya

Consultant -Marketing Branding & Corporate Communication

She manages the Manketing Branding and Communication of the client Hospitals and heads the Tpa and Insurance..

Dr. Shah

Sr. Consultant-Clinical & projects

She is responsible for the clinical planning of the Client Hospital projects. She heads the projects and define service and specialty mix.

Mr. Singh

Consultant-purchase & Inventory

He manages the backward integration part of Hospital, One such integration is pharmacy and heads the store operations.

Responsible for appointment of partners.

Ms.  Kanakia

Consultant- Accounts & Audi

she manages the accounts & audit of the HCS & Client Hospitals and responsible for keeping check on expenses as financial controller.

Ms. Sharma


Operations & Standard

She manages the operations and research part of the Client Hospitals, More focus on Standard operating processes of Hospitals & Hospital Information management with training.