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Patient Experience Evaluation

HCS consultants have developed a very unique methodology to evaluate the patient experience in the Hospital. We measure the patient experience right from the Entry to Exit of the Hospitals covering most of the aspects as per the international guidelines:

Your Care from Reception / Admission process team: 

In this evaluation we try to check whether we the team was informative, efficient and helpful. Most importantly what was the time taken for the entire time taken for admission.

Your Care by the Nursing Team

Here we want to understand by the patient, whether nurses were courteous and respectful, helpful or prompt and were able to explain explain the patients the entire process in a way the patient could understand. Even would like to understand from the patient, what was the response on pressing the bell.

Your care by the Doctors

We help you understand how patient perceive care by doctors, in terms of being courteous and respectful, if the treating doctor is able to explain the reason for admission  and listen carefully to the complains of the patients. We also try to understand, if the treating doctor given timely treatment and explain the treatment progress in a manner easily understand by the patients. Finally patient perception towards Hospital and the treating doctor was attentive or caring or not.

Your Care by Hospital Staff

We try to capture patient experience while dealing with Floor co-ordinator, Phlebotomist, Physiotherapist, Technicians, Dieticians & housekeeping etc.. Whether they were respectful and courteous in patient care, were they able to explain what  all test you would be undergoing in your treatment plan, how long these test would take them and were they able to give proper advice and do proper counselling. Also try to understand how is the overall cleanliness of all departments, wards, bathrooms etc,

Your care by Hospital

We try to understand the over all environment of the Hospital like whether it quiet through out the day. How are the services of pathology and diagnostics in terms of quality and timeliness as well the quantity & quality of food served. How is the availability of medicine in the pharmacy

Your In-patient Care

​Here we try to understand , whether patient got the right help during the bathroom and using the bedpan, patients pain was well controlled by the medical team, often they were explain what medicine they were given and explain the reason for the same. Also patient was explain the side effects of the medicine in a way he can understand and often to take his feedback how he recovered from the previous condition , whether patient felt that his status is improving.

Your care when leaving the Hospital

Here we are trying to understand the billing and discharge process of the patient experience, whether they were explain the financial of the treatment , with correct billing counselling was done. Discharge summary explanation by the doctor and the nurse and the timeliness of the discharge process.

Your care when you left the Hospital

Were the patient explained how will his health condition be, when he left the hospital and how patient is to manage his or her health when they left the hospital, whether they were explained about the medication they have to take once they leave the hospital. How was hospital staff  at the time of leaving the hospitals and whether hospital staff has give the condition of the health in writing as a health record.

Your overall experience of the Hospital & its Services.

Here we try to understand the overall impression of the Hospital. Here we try to understanding over all effect of the Hospital like ambience, waiting area , lobby, sitting space, your clinical out come, food and movements, parking space available , security and safety and any help desk support.