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HCS provide highly qualified and experienced professionals for Senior Management level.

Our Specialization is in understanding Hospital needs, and providing candidates with relevant experience and skills to meet the requirements.

The important focus is on providing reliable, fast and effective professional services to our valued clients, with high standards, demanding high caliber and productive candidates.

We are uniquely qualified to recruit quality professionals for its esteemed clients in Teaching Hospital, Corporate Hospital, Medical Centre, Specialty Chain, Laboratories, and Imaging Centre and home care services.

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Need of the hour for the small or big hospital is to have people on the job. Since, healthcare is completely manpower dependent, you need nurses, paramedics, doctors and managers. Recruiting for Healthcare leadership role & other positions, HR has to be equipped with the following task:

  • Keep a track of your existing employees, who have left the organization in last 5 years and taken leadership role.
  • Keep track of relevant bloggers and influencers on social media platform.
  • Invite key employees / potential competitors employees who are looking for a change.
  • Connect with certain potential employees through Linked-in & Facebook, also follow them on twitter
  • Try to earn latest awards & recognitions that add feathers to your portfolio and share it with world.
  • Organize HR symposium and invite the key people to know more about your company.
  • Search well all the recruitment sites like Naukri, monster, times job etc.
  • Do good branding of HR of your company, while participating in various Job Fairs.
  • Maintain database of good Recruitment agencies, small and big maintaining good relationship with them.
  • Attend various networking meetings and exchange cards and maintain good communication with them.
  • Create employee referral policies and encourage people to join back.
  • Maintain employee friendly environment within the company.
  • Send your employees for regular training in leading relevant reputed schools in India & abroad
  • Encourage people to give ideas and write articles to be published in company’s newsletters & share it with the internal & external ecosystem.


IS RECRUITING CANDIDATE FOR THE LEADERSHIP ROLE A CHALLENGE? Human Resource should maintain list of people for their key positions through agencies and connect with other activities