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Another marketing role is to tie-up with all Third Party Administrator (TPA) to attract Insurance Clients to hospital for reimbursement or cashless facility.  

Apart from Insurance tie-up, our focus should be to increase the OPD, in turn increasing the Surgeries and IPD. Apart from having good referral network, marketing should be able to attract qualified and experienced consultant on board.

PR & Media Planning: accumulate day-to-day stories such as unique case study, Quotes in generic stories, profiling of spoke person & Article placement in Media.

Other latest trend apart from social media marketing through platforms like Facebook, Google plus is creating a Hospital Channel on you tube. Last but not the least is co-marketing with pharmaceutical companies or co-promotion with healthcare FMCG retail companies.


As a Marketer we must be clear about all services, specialty and facilities; we are confident to promote. Next, How do we want to position our Hospital? Whether ‘multi-specialty’ or ‘single specialty’ based on the services offered? Once this is done, all your communication will be created around the specialty wise services offered and supported facilities to the Targeted population. Hospital Marketing should be able to accomplish the following right from the inception: -

  • Create Identity of Hospital: Logo and what does it communicate, your hospital vision, mission, goals & objective.
  • Develop concept & content for Marketing Communication like Brochure, leaflets   etc.
  • Develop your Hospital website featuring your services, specialty, doctors and facilities and your hospital co-ordinates mainly.
  • Select Communication channels - magazines, radio, television, mail, telephone, billboards, posters, fliers, CDs, audiotapes, and the Internet, look of the stores (internal & external branding), website & other media. Also emails, blogs, toll free numbers and ads (monologues).
  • Establish Marketing & Sale team to initiate referral sales; corporate sales & various out reach activities & events.
  • Implement Marketing Mix & Marketing Management. E.g.; 8 P’s of service marketing
  • Marketers assess market opportunities and customer’s values to offer acceptable value preposition.
  • Develop marketing budget y-o-y / m-o-m basis for Above the Line (ATL), Below the Line (BTL) & Marketing Communication.

WHY DOES HOSPITAL NEED MARKETING? OR WHAT MARKETING CAN DO FOR HOSPITALS?  To understand this one must know how to draft Hospital Marketing Plan to achieve Goals within budget.

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