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In an attempt to network with the communities, HCS is putting effort to bring communities on a common platform for a common cause:

One of the communities Healthcare Consultants are striving hard is connect all Hospital & Healthcare Administrators , who are at Management level to come together and share their Ideas, Knowledge & Expertise.

One Such Community of like minded professionals is


Objective: To Share knowledge and Expertise

Mission : To connect all Hospital & Healthcare Administrators.

Vision: To add all Healthcare & Hospital Management professionals globally.

Goal:To increase membership from 100 to 10000 members.


  1. To organise events.
  2. To recognise talents
  3. Network with professionals from all Healthcare Industries.
  4. To provide platform for presenting papers.
  5. publish meaningful research in print and digital
  6. Train an educate members​

Other Communities in the pipelines are as follows:

  • Society of entrepreneurs
  • Federation of Hospitals
  • Hospital & Healthcare Research
  • Journal of Hospital & Healthcare 

Networking Communities