Challenges faced by the Hospital promoters & Leadership team

  • Hospital Board Management: Presence of learned and talented persons on board will give vision & direction. This could be one of the reason for growth of the hospital. So we feel is the primary step is to create or establish the Board of the Hospital. Next step is to appoint the Advisory Board of well connected talented people who would help us ​expand our Business and thought process and be a powerful critic.​Lastly, appointing a Leadership team management who would execute.  
  • Strategy: In absence of good Business Strategy, that is what clinical & Technical offerings we should offer( Multi-speciality or single speciality), strong marketing strategy and subsequently your financial & Operational strategy will play a very important role. One should carefully plan the clinical departments, No of speciality , speciality wise services to be offered, Clinical equipment requirements, space utilisation while planning layout, Laboratory (in house or out source), Imaging , No of beds , OT & pharmacy etc..
  • Operations Plan: ​In absence of near to perfect operations plan, clinical operations may be delayed, entire clinical work flow needs to planned by the clinical team, non clinical work flow supporting the clinical workflow flow with well defined standard operating procedures (SOPs) along with forms & Formats, which will be properly manned will be equipped with appropriate resource to deliver as per plan. ​
  • Purchase & Inventory Management: One of the most important Area of Hospital Management is creating a control of all the purchases happening in the organisation. Right from project planning, Architectural design, Vendor Identification with proper registration, items to be purchased as per inventory cycle & BOQ basis, followed by proper store management, Logistics and AMCs in place. Absence of Right Information Technology: In absence of proper IT architecture it would be difficult for the Hospital to tract monitor and control the entire process. ​
  • Human Resource: In absence of proper HR the environment & culture of the Hospital is imbalance, but with timely recruitment, job description & Performance management system in place, we can retain the manpower.   Financial Management: Accounting principles to be in places like tax & management with timely audit.
  • Compliance Management: Legal & statutory compliance leads to risk free management of the Hospital. It also is important to stress upon the policies and protocols of the Hospital.  
  • Sales & Marketing: ​Establishing Sales & Marketing department ,Trade Sales, Corporate sales, Retail Sales, ATL / BTL , Marketing campaign, Branding & Logo,Media , Creative, PR.
  • Operation Management: Customer satisfaction & Quality, Clinical benchmarking, Credentialing of clinical professional, Bed Utilisation , Average length of stay, Disease wise admission, Consultant wise admission & discharge process, Cross referral process, Team efficiency of consultants, OT Utilization, OT Management system to improve efficiency, Effective infection control method Patient safety standard, Human Resource & Finance, Recruitment team productivity Training,Rewards & Recognition, Transparent billing, Price & costing methods, Optimal Space Utilization, Reviewing and monitoring of complete space, IP beds, OPDs, Waiting areas etc. Marketing Support, Communication, Sales support, Focused enhancement, Common support service, Improve utilization of labs, Radiology & Pharmacy,All capital equipment Professional method of procurement,Cost reduction & Utilization improvement OPD Management Extended OPD hours, Especially Sunday & Holiday services and so on.

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